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Pfizer to place Microsoft microchips in the next batch of vaccines #fake

Rumor – Pfizer has admitted that it will place Microsoft microchips in the next batch of vaccines against Covid-19. They will be used to increase effectiveness.

One of the most recurrent fake news about vaccines is the one that points out that they come with “chips”. This type of rumor is directly linked to religious issues because, for some, it has a connection with the so-called “chip of the beast” described in the book Revelation of the Bible and also with issues related to conspiracy groups that talk about dominance of the population by a “New Order World ”.

Many of these people are excited by a news item that points out that Pfizer has announced that the “new wave” of vaccines against Covid-19 will come with Microsoft microchips (Bill Gates’ company, a figure stamped in fake news). Read the text that circulates online and points to a website in English:

Pfizer admitted that the “next wave” of vaccines will feature Microsoft microchips, after having made a “deal” with it. That is, they now admit that there is nano technology similar to a microchip in vaccines. I’ve been talking for 1 year. https://t.co/HIlBhvKX1n

Will Pfizer put Microsoft microchips in the next batch of vaccines?

Although the theory is a little crazy, it didn’t take long for us to see it circulating on social media profiles in Brazil and other countries. However, it is not true that Pfizer has announced that it will put a microchip in the next batch of vaccines.

The very history of this type of rumor has already made us very suspicious. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have denied stories such as, for example, that the vaccine against Covid-19 (since the first wave) would come with chips to collect identity , that Bill Gates would be planning to put a chip in the vaccine from Moderna , that Australia had approved the chip in the vaccine and even a supposed photo of the “Chinese vaccine” chip.

When searching for any information about Pfizer having announced a microchip in the vaccine (which has no logic), we found nothing about it. If the story were real, what would not be missing was news reflecting the decision.

We have to search for the “source of information”. We found that the site named another site as a source. And when looking at the “about” of the page, we saw that it was nothing more (as it described itself) than a website about “satires in the financial world” . In other words: a fictional news site.

In short: people are outraged here because of a news item on a website that publishes unreal news. In other words: it is not true that Pfizer will put a “microchip” from Microsoft in the “next wave” of vaccines against Covid-19.

This is an english version from this text. If you would like to read in portuguese, click here.

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