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Pepsi celebrates birthday and gives awards in site on WhatsApp #fake

Rumor – Pepsi is celebrating the anniversary and, for this reason, is giving prizes (such as R $ 1000) to those who answer a survey on WhatsApp.

Just like the one made with Coca Cola, but it is with Pepsi. If you think we are talking about some kind of drink or even a soda advertisement, you are wrong. We are talking about yet another message that promises “worlds and funds on WhatsApp”.

According to a text that started circulating on social networks, Pepsi would be giving out awards to celebrate its 20th anniversary (?!). According to the text, whoever enters a website with Chinese domain and responds to a survey would earn R $ 1000 (described as 1000 REAL). Read the text on the website:

Pepsi Congratulations! Pepsi 20th anniversary celebration! Congratulations! Today, May 6, 2021, you are very lucky to be selected for our survey. In just a minute, you will receive a wonderful prize! We have prepared some rewards for those who participate in the research. You only have 4 minutes and 24 seconds to complete this survey! Hurry up, the number of prizes available is limited!

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Question 1 of 4: Do you know Pepsi? Yes no Question 2 of 4: How old are you? 18-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Question 3 of 4: What do you think of Pepsi? Very well Unbelievable OK Not so good Question 4 of 4: Would you choose to drink Pepsi? Yes no Congratulations, your answers have been successfully saved! You have a chance to win gifts. You must select the correct box with your prize inside. You have 3 attempts. Good luck! OK Congratulations! You did it! You won the REAL 1000!

*** THE RULES *** 1. You must tell 5 groups or 20 friends about our promotions. 2. Enter your address and complete the registration. 3. Gifts will be delivered within 5 to 7 days OK Congratulations !! Your prize is: 1000 REAL, follow the instructions on the next page to claim your prize! 1. Share with 5 groups / 20 friends on WHATSAPP (click on the ‘WhatsApp’ icon below) 2. Click on ‘Continue’ to receive gifts. WhatsApp Share until the blue bar is full!

Pepsi celebrates birthday and gives prizes in search on WhatsApp?

It didn’t take long for the story to spread very strongly on the internet. However, it is not true that Pepsi is celebrating 20 years, let alone that it is giving any freebie on WhatsApp. This is an old scam that circulates online.

A few days ago, we denied a strictly the same rumor using the Coca Cola name. Just like in the case of the other fake, even if you follow all the steps described in the message, nothing happens at the end. You do not earn either 1000 Real or 1 Real.

If you share the link to the site in question with friends and continue browsing the fake Pepsi site, you are directed to one of the three page options. 1) A very heavy website that will cause your cell phone or computer to crash. 2) Another fake promotion website. 3) A website directed by affiliate programs (which will make scammers make money).

Just to finish, two more details. 1) When searching for any information about such distribution of awards by Pepsi, we found nothing from reliable or official sources. 2) It is not true that Pepsi (as the message points out) is turning 20 in 2021). The company was founded in 1965. It is now 56 years old.

In short: the story that Pepsi is giving prizes to people who enter a website and share a link with friends on WhatsApp is false. In addition to the company not turning 20, this is yet another scam that insists on circulating the application.

This is an english version from this text. If you would like to read in portuguese, click here.

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