George Soros died two hours ago and media won’t report #fake

Fake – Hungarian billionaire George Soros died two hours ago. Death was revealed by Anonymous group and media will not report the story.

Anyone who has browsed the depths of the internet must have heard of the Qanon groups. The movement, which “compiles” several theories based on fake news, was at its peak during the US elections (certainly with artificial impetus to promote Trump’s campaign) and now gathers “only” a few crazy people.

Many of these people are sharing the information that Hungarian billionaire George Soros (highlighted by many in this group as one of the “responsible for the evil of the world”) has died. A print of an alleged message from the Anonymous group is circulating among conspiracy theorists with the report that he would have “died two hours ago” and that “media will hide”. Read:

He died? Anonymous saying that George Soros died about two hours ago, but that he won’t be in the news until tomorrow! Let’s wait then, if it’s fake we delete the POST. “George Soros died two hours ago. He won’t be in the news until tomorrow.”

George Soros died two hours ago and the media won’t report it until tomorrow?

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As we speak, the message has spread with great force among groups, so to speak, more exalted on the internet. However, it is not true that Hungarian billionaire George Soros died two hours ago and the media is hiding it.

For starters, it’s not new that rumors of mysterious “deaths” or “arrests” circulate among Qanon (or related) groups. In the past, for example, we denied the false information (twice) that George Soros had been “arrested” (the first false report spoke in Switzerland and the second in the US)

In addition, the message (as “good rumor”) has characteristics such as being vague, alarmist, with Portuguese errors and lack of citation from reliable sources. To complete, we can say that the message is, at least, expired.

The supposed post is dated June 10, 2021. Today, the day we are writing this text, is June 14th. Even if the theory were right (that the media won’t publish until tomorrow, which is absurd), that period would have already been broken. And do you know what we found on the subject? Nothing.

In the social networks of George Soros or the Open Society Foundations (his foundation) there is also no report that he has died. On the contrary, there are several publications on other random subjects.

In short: the story that Hungarian billionaire George Soros died and that the “media was holding back the information” is false. It’s just another publication without a fuss that started to circulate in conspiracy groups.

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Edgard Matsuki

Jornalista e caçador de falcatruas na internet

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