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China masks and cotton swabs are coming with worms, parasites and morgellons #fake

Fake – Microscopic examinations show worms and parasites like “morgellons” in masks and contaminated cotton swabs from China.

It’s been a while since fake news about masks and RT-PCR tests (to identify if a person is contaminated with SARS-CoV-2) did not appear here. However, we learned from this pandemic that certain stories have a very long shelf life.

With the recent revelation that President Jair Bolsonaro would have asked Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga to issue an opinion releasing people who have already been vaccinated or contracted Covid-19 from the use of masks , the mask issue is back on the Internet.

And according to a story going around, China’s RT-PCR test swabs and masks are said to be contaminated with worms and morgellon-like parasites. “Then they want you to believe in the vaccine that comes from China, if the test swab and the masks from China are already contaminated”, says the message. According to history, this would all be a plan by China and several governments to infect people. Check out:

“In addition, on 03.24.2021 – 18:13h, we took a simple surgical mask, in this case, the external part. Inside we didn’t see anything, but she was with the others, of course. They were sealed in the package, I think 30 units per package. And here we see this little black part again. Let’s treat it with heat… there… and then it moves… Yes, even in the pause of breathing you can see the movement. So I also took the test and I’m going to throw up. I don’t think I need to say anything else… I’m getting sick… Oh, my God. Well, here in Auerbach, at the pharmacy next door, we bought a completely new testing swab with the original seal.

The cotton swab is made in China, it comes from China and we leave it on purposely sealed inside the plastic because we don’t know what kind of dirt is inside. I took a microscope just to see this, because I didn’t want to believe the reports on the internet that showed the morgellons, or whatever they’re called… André didn’t want to believe the video, he said that we had to see if it was true. So we took the test swab, original in the seal, put it under the microscope and it’s unbelievable that we really found this ‘little thread’ Morgellons, or whatever they call it… and now I’m going to show you, I hope it works to show these little worms that are there… the parasites. wait a minute, it’s not very easy to find…

The moment you release the heat from your breath, it moves. Just to point out, the external test swab… with heat it’s moving… Yes, now… Unbelievable, what does the government have for us friends? We have to go out, we have to spread the truth! Don’t even touch these tests! They put some kind of parasite in there on purpose. That’s why there’s the free trials, they want to stick this stuff up our noses. And I’ve been tested 3 times already. Three times with this crap in my nose. FFP2 mask – the ‘safer’”.

Are masks and cotton swabs from China coming with worms, parasites and “morgellons”?

The information dropped like a bomb on social networks, especially on Facebook, and left many people worried. Despite this, the story is just bullshit. The explanation is due to the inexistence of such “worms and parasites morgellons” and the numerous denials on the internet.

False information about allegedly contaminated masks and tests is nothing new on the internet. The Boatos.org team has already denied numerous of them, such as the one that said that contaminated masks from China would be arriving at the Port of Santos and Itajaí . Also the one that indicated that Japan would have sent 600 million masks contaminated with coronaviruses to Brazil and, finally, the one that indicated that contaminated tests would have been sent from China to the United States .

As the video appeared in another language, we decided to look for more details about the subject. We soon found out that the story is actually false and has already been disproved by various verification services.

For the beginning of the story, such “worms and parasites morgellons” do not exist. In fact, “morgellon” is the informal name given to a self-diagnosis for some skin conditions. According to medical consensus, the so-called “morgellon” self-diagnosis is actually a delusional parasitosis , where people believe they are infested by living and non-living pathogens (such as parasites and insects). As a result, these people start scratching and scratching themselves, creating wounds that they believe are infected with parasites. However, by analyzing the wound, scientists were able to prove that they are not pathogens in the wounds, but fibers from clothing .

As previously reported, the story has been disproved in several places (even many!). Full Fact checking services from England ; the Associated Press News, from the United States ; the Oregon Live, the United States and the Myth Detector, the United States has investigated the information and concluded that it is a fake news.

According to the denials (and to experts heard by the verification services), the supposed parasites that appear under the microscope are not “morgellons” and even less harmful to human health. In reality, the supposed worms and parasites that appear “walking” under the microscope are nothing more than textile fibers. Also according to experts heard by the verification services, these fibers can move by static electricity and (guess what?) air currents (caused by the breath of people who were “analyzing” the material).

Finally, checkpoints warn that people who believe they have “morgellons” (pathogens in wounds throughout the body) have a serious mental condition and need specialized treatment.

In short: the story that masks and tests are contaminated with worms and parasites like “morgellons” is false! When looking for more information, we found that the “morgellons” mentioned in the story actually don’t exist. The term is informally used to designate a self-diagnosis of skin conditions. In the medical world, experts say that “morgellons” is actually a delusional parasitosis (where people believe they have live and non-living pathogens in wounds throughout the body). Sores are caused by an itch triggered by delusional belief. Scientists have already proven that people who believe they have “morgellons” actually only have fabric fibers in their wounds (from scratching the skin over their clothing). Finally, the supposed worms and parasites that appear in the video,in reality, they are just textile fibers that can move by static electricity or air currents. In other words, the story is just bullshit.

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