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Adidas gives Mother’s Day and Labor Day gift on WhatsApp website #fake

Fake – Because of Mother’s Day and Labor Day, Adidas is giving away free gifts to anyone who enters a website, answers questions and shares a link with friends on WhatsApp.

Do not think that it is easy to refute repeated fake news. It’s pretty boring. But, here we are to talk about another one of those rumors that circulate on the internet and, again, uses the name of Adidas. In reality, let’s talk about two of those rumors.

Two messages went viral that point out that Adidas is giving away free gifts. One of the stories points out that the motivation for the promotion would be Labor Day (May 1st). Another of the stories points out that the distribution would be because of Mother’s Day (which takes place in 2021, on May 9).

In both cases, the person would have to enter a website (just for a change, a page with .cn domain), answer some generic questions, participate in a kind of box game and, in the end, share a link with friends on WhatsApp. Read the text on the website:

Vídeo: é falso que Sadia esteja dando prêmios para quem compartilhar no WhatsApp

Adidas. Congratulations! Today, you have been chosen to participate in our survey. In just a minute, you will receive a fantastic prize! We randomly chose 100 users to give them a chance to win incredible prizes. Prizes include shoes , clothes , backpacks, etc. There will be 100 lucky winners!

This survey aims to improve the quality of the service provided to our users and their participation will be rewarded 100%. You only have 4 minutes and 21 seconds to complete this survey! Hurry up, the number of prizes available is limited!

Question 1 of 4: Are you male or female? Male Female Question 2 of 4: How old are you? 18-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Question 3 of 4: How do you rate adidas services? Very well Unbelievable OK Not so good Question 4 of 4: What do you think adidas needs to improve? Pre-sale service After-sale service

Congratulations, your answers have been successfully saved! You have a chance to win gifts. You must select the correct box with your prize inside. You have 3 attempts. Good luck! OK Congratulations! You did it! You have won a pair of GRADES shoes! *** THE RULES *** 1. You must tell 5 groups or 20 friends about the adidas Labor Day gift. 2. Enter your size, address and complete the registration. 3. Gifts will be delivered within 5 to 7 days OK

Adidas gives Mother’s Day and Labor Day gift on website on WhatsApp?

Once again, there was no shortage of shares of Adidas’s “award” message. However, it is not true that Adidas is giving Mother’s Day and Labor Day gifts on a website on WhatsApp.

In fact, we have repeatedly denied false news involving Adidas promotions. The last one at the beginning of April . Another was on International Women’s Day. As the denials of yesteryear are valid for today, remember what was written:

The story is always the same. In reality, the website in question is a fake Adidas website. Even if you enter the site, “open the boxes” (they always say that you “won”) and share the link with friends on WhatsApp, in the end you don’t earn anything. You are directed to a very heavy website that will make your phone or computer crash.

We have already denied many rumors of the type that used the Adidas name: We have already denied stories that talk about donating masks , shoes and t-shirts , “ three thousand sneakers ” and even Flamengo shirts .

As we always do, we looked for the “promotion of Women’s Day” [neither of Labor Day nor Mother’s Day] on the official Adidas website. As always happens in these cases of rumors, we found nothing about shoe distribution for those who share a link with friends on WhatsApp.

In short: it is not true that Adidas is giving gifts because of Mother’s Day or because of Labor Day (which, in fact, should be called Labor Day). It is just a scam using the name of a company managed in this type of fake.

This is an english version from this text. If you would like to read in portuguese, click here.

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