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Toyota celebrates 100th anniversary and gives Samsung S21 (or iPhone 12) on site on WhatsApp #fake

Rumor – Toyota is completing its 100th anniversary and giving gifts like a Samsung Galaxy S21 (or iPhone 12) phone to people who log on to a website and share a link with friends on WhatsApp.

Now, our schedule is full of those scams that promise incredible prizes on WhatsApp, but only serve to steal data on WhatsApp. Now let’s talk about a “promotion” on behalf of Toyota.

According to messages that are circulating on WhatsApp, Toyota would be completing 100 years and for that reason would be giving many prizes to people who enter a website, participate in a “game of boxes” and share a link with friends on WhatsApp. Read the text on the website:

Toyota 100th anniversary celebration Many exquisite gifts, as well as more than 1000 units of smart watches and mobile devices All you need to do is open the correct gift box. You have 3 attempts, good luck! Win free gifts, good luck! Choose the box you like You can only participate in the promotion once

Unfortunately You have more attempts left: 2 Unfortunately You have more attempts left: 1 CONGRATULATIONS! Its prize is the Samsung Galaxy S21. Follow the instructions on the next page to claim your prize! Win free gifts, good luck! Congratulations!

Final orders to “deliver the prizes”: Follow the instructions below to claim your phone! 1. Share with 5 groups / 20 friends on Whatsapp (click on the green icon below) 2.Click on ‘CONTINUE’ and claim your prize. Congratulations!

The last step: You have to complete this final step! 1. You must register the application below, and it must be opened for 30 seconds after registration. (Remember that this step is very important) After completing the actions above, wait for the administrator to verify, the review will be completed in 24 hours.

Toyota celebrates 100th anniversary and gives Samsung S21 (or iPhone 12) on site on WhatsApp?

We saw the message in question spreading in several languages. However, it is not true that Toyota is celebrating this 100th anniversary and giving out Samsung S21, iPhone or even any other award.

There is not much to talk about. That’s because the “Toyota” version is just a new version of a scam that is more than manageable in the past. Just now, we denied a very similar (if not nearly the same) rumor that spoke about the same awards being given by Adidas. See what we wrote about it:

In reality, the ad in question is a new version of a type of fake news that has been recurring in the last few days: that of the false promotion that asks for sharing on WhatsApp (we even deal with that in this special text).

After we receive this type of fake, we kill the riddle of what is the goal of these scammers in particular. In the case of these “promotions” that are being served on Chinese domain sites, standard questions (including repeated translation errors), request for sharing and “registration” (we have examples using the name of Amazon , Renner , Skol and others companies), the objective is to profit from registration on a trading investment platform (in other words, stock exchange casino).

We don’t know that the profits are limited to the registration itself (most likely, the scammers are profiting from referral payment programs) or if the site in question is fake and can also steal data. Regardless, our advice is that you do not enter these sites, do not share the link with friends and do not register at all.

It is worth pointing out that even Toyota is completing 100 years in 2021. The Japanese car manufacturer was founded in 1937. In other words, this year, it is completing “only” 74 years. It goes without saying that, when searching for more information in relation to this award distribution action, we found nothing but the text of the rumor itself.

In short: the story that Toyota is giving away awards for its 100th anniversary is false. It is just another false promotion that we are having to deny here on our website.

This is an english version from this text. If you would like to read in portuguese, click here.

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