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Medicine capsules (Esoral and Enterofuryl) comes with nails inside #fake

Rumor – In video, people show capsules of the medicines Esoral and Enterofuryl with several nails inside. 

With the advancement of science, today we have a very wide range of drugs against the most different types of diseases. This not only guaranteed a better quality of life, but also a longer life expectancy.

But according to a story that is circulating on social networks, it seems that instead of curing, some drugs are posing a great risk to the health of the population. That’s because some medicine capsules would be coming with an unusual object.

According to a publication, the drugs Esoral and Enterofuryl are said to be coming with nails inside the capsules. The proof would be on account of an international video that would show the capsules being removed from new cards and, after being opened, contained only nails.

Medicine capsules (Esoral and Enterofuryl) come with nails inside?

The images were very successful on social networks, especially on Facebook and have already accumulated several shares. However, the story is nothing but bullshit. The explanation is due to the origin of the drug and the denials in several countries.

It is not today that fake news involving bizarre stories with drugs circulate on social networks. The Boatos.org team has already denied many of them, like the one that said that Maxalgina, the dipyrone from Venezuela, would be contaminated with a deadly virus . Also the one that indicated that phenylpropanolamine, even banned in Brazil, would be present in several flu drugs and, finally, the one that pointed out that Hospital Santa Casa de Cuiabá would be distributing empty ivermectin capsules .

We then decided to look for more information on incidents involving alleged nail medicine capsules. We found that there is not even a single report of people who died after using the drugs Esoral and Enterofuryl. By the way, neither of the two medications are sold in Brazil. Esoral is sold in Pakistan, while Enterofuryl is marketed in Bosnia.

When searching for more explanations, we find many denials on the internet from the most varied countries, such as India , Greece , Kazakhstan and Ukraine . According to Kazakhstan’s Fact-Check service, the most likely explanation would be that the men appearing in the video would have removed the aluminum foil from the back of the drug and replaced the capsules or forged the packaging itself, removing the capsules from the front and, later, pasting (since it is not fully shown).

In summary: the story that says that the drugs Esoral and Enterofuryl would be coming with nails inside the capsules is false! The video used as evidence, in fact, was recorded, respectively, in Pakistan and Bosnia (where the drugs are marketed). In addition, we found several denials on the internet on the subject. According to them, the people who recorded the videos, most likely, modified the packaging (either by removing the aluminum foil or cutting the front of the packaging, since it is never shown). There is no evidence that there are nails in the medicines, much less that someone died from it. In other words, the story is nothing but bullshit.

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