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Link making money with TikTok is scam or virus #fake

Rumor – Link “be part of TikTok and get a bonus” in a message to “make money with TikTok” is a virus or a scam for data theft.

Attention: if you want to earn (a little bit of) money with TikTok, download the application through this link from Boatos.org.

In recent times, links to invitations to social networks that promise money for those who refer and install have become a fever on social networks. There are so many links back and forth that some people become suspicious if it is some kind of scam or even a virus.

A few days ago we denied the information that points out that the link “make money with Kwai” would be a scam “(if you want to download the app and make some money, click here). Today we are going to talk about another thesis: that the link “Be part of TikTok and get a bonus” would be a scam or virus.

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Link making money with TikTok is scam or virus?

We are here, very briefly, to explain how the issue of links works. Right away, we can spike one thing: the link “make money with TikTok” is not a virus or even a scam.

In reality, it is an action that the social network has launched since it arrived in Brazil. It works as follows: within the application itself there is a link talking about promotional actions (the goal of TikTok is to increase the user base, which is already quite large). When you enter the page and share your code, it goes to other users.

If the person downloads the app, they get an “initial fee” to use the app and you also get it. If the person is engaged in the first few days (watch a certain amount of videos per day), the referral person gets a bonus.

Up to a few days, the value was R $ 3 per referral and could increase to up to R $ 9. Probably, due to competition from Kwai, the social network started to pay higher values ​​in the last days (for a limited time). It is worth pointing out that it is still possible to earn money by watching videos on the platform. But if you think you’re going to be rich with it, forget it: you can only earn a few bucks.

It is important to note that, so far, we have not detected any false messages using the name of TikTok (we have already detected Kwai). However, it is worth being suspicious if you see a “make money with TikTok” link that does not redirect you to download the application and, mainly, if you refer yourself to a website with generic questions and a request for sharing.

In short: for now, you can rest assured about the links “Be part of TikTok and get a bonus” that are circulating on social networks. We have not detected any scams and, yes, it is possible to make money with an application. If you still want to download the app, click here (enjoy and follow Boatos.org).

This is an english version from this text. If you would like to read in portuguese, click here.

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