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“I do not authorize” message prevents WhatsApp from using your photos in a new rule #fake

Rumour – If you publish a message with the title “I do not authorize”, WhatsApp will not be able to use your photos in a new rule that starts tomorrow.

WhatsApp’s announcement that it will change the terms of use from February 2021 (an action that, for now, has been postponed to May) has caused several rumors to start spreading on the internet. The last one gives a “tip” to users of the messaging application.

According to a text that is going viral on WhatsApp itself, the Internet user who does not want to submit to the “new rules” that would start “tomorrow” would have to share a text that begins with “I do not authorize” and that would be a statement that the WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram would not have the right to use your photos. Read the message that circulates online:

I DO NOT AUTHORIZE! * I DON’T AUTHORIZE I DON’T AUTHORIZE I DON’T AUTHORIZE Remember, tomorrow begins the new Whatsap rule that allows you to use your photos !! Remember that the deadline is today !!! It can be used in lawsuits against you. Everything you posted can be posted starting today, even deleted messages. It costs nothing more than a simple copy / paste, better to be safe than to be violated.

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I do not give permission to WhatsApp or any organization associated with WhatsApp, such as Facebook and Instagram, to use my images, information, messages, photos, deleted messages, files, etc. This is real. I share !!!!!!!! I do not authorize Share in 10 groups and a sign will appear on your WhatsApp like this: it means that your phone is protected against the new rule.

Does the message “I do not authorize” prevent WhatsApp from using your photos under a new rule?

The text spread to many groups and lists on WhatsApp. It is a pity that it has no practical effect. There is no point in sharing the message in question because WhatsApp will not use or stop using your photos for this reason.

In fact, the message in question is nothing more than fake text adapted to the application in question. Here at Boatos.org we have already denied the same text being credited to Facebook no less than seven times ( here , here , here , here , here, here and here ) and once related to Instagram. 

In all cases, we explain that such a publication has no legal effect. What counts in relation to applications (including WhatsApp) is what you read in the terms of use. Therefore, publishing “I do not authorize” does not change anything.

In addition to being false, the information does not have much connection. If on Facebook and Instagram it is already strange to think that administrators will check on each timeline if the message is posted, on WhatsApp the information is even more improbable. Not even if the application wanted to know if you are posting such a message. That’s because WhatsApp messages are protected by end-to-end encryption.

If that weren’t enough, the information that WhatsApp would change the rules “tomorrow” is false. As we said at the beginning of the text, the forecast for the new terms of use to take effect would be February 8. However, the changes were postponed until May.

Finally, it is important to mention (as we have already said in another denial) that it is not true that WhatsApp will use your messages and share with other applications. The terms of use are about something else.

In short: in addition to not being true that by posting a message “I do not authorize” you will get rid of the terms of use, the new WhatsApp terms (which were postponed to May) do not provide for the use and sharing of messages in the application.

This is an english version from this text. If you would like to read in portuguese, click here.

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