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Amazon celebrates 30th birthday and gives free gifts on WhatsApp #fake

Rumour – Amazon is celebrating its 30th anniversary and is therefore giving away free gifts at a lucky roulette. To win, you need to answer questions and share a link on WhatsApp.

In the last few months, those infamous fake promotions that, in the end, only target data theft have returned to circulate strongly on the internet. On our agenda today, there is (again) a story involving the company Amazon.

According to a message that is circulating on WhatsApp, Amazon is celebrating 30 years and is therefore giving free gifts on WhatsApp. For that, the person needs to enter a website (usually with a very strange address) and leave their data. “Amazon’s 30th anniversary celebration. Free gifts for everyone! ”Says one of the messages that circulate online. See the text on the homepage of the site:

Amazon. Congratulations! Today, March 21, 2021, you were chosen to participate in our survey. It will take you just a minute and you will receive a fantastic prize: a Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G Full Netcom 8GB + 256GB (glossy black)!

Each Sunday we randomly choose 100 users to give them a chance to win incredible prizes. Today’s prize is a Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G Full Netcom 8GB + 256GB (glossy black)! There will be 100 lucky winners.

This survey aims to improve the quality of the service provided to our users and their participation will be rewarded 100%. You only have 4 minutes and 7 seconds to complete this survey! Hurry up, the number of prizes available is limited!

From there, you have to answer four questions on the website.

Question 1 of 4: Are you male or female? Male Female Question 2 of 4: How old are you? 18-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Question 3 of 4: How do you rate Amazon services? Very good Unbelievable OK Not so good Question 4 of 4: Which smartphone are you using? ? Android apple

No matter what your answers are, you always end up being directed to a page with “winning roulette”. From the moment you rotate it, the following will happen. On the first move, you will win an “extra try”. On the second, the announcement will appear that you were awarded the Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G Full Netcom 8GB + 256GB cell phone. Then there is the request for you to share the message with your contacts on WhatsApp. Read:

Celebration of Amazon’s 30th anniversary! we give our members 1 free spin for a chance to win exclusive prizes! Only one gift is allowed per IP. Your prize is: Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G Full Netcom 8GB + 256GB (glossy black), Follow the instructions on the next page to claim your prize 1. Share with 5 groups / 20 friends on WHATSAPP (click on the “WhatsApp” icon below) 2 Click on “Continue” to receive gifts.

Amazon celebrates 30th birthday and gives free gifts on WhatsApp?

With the exception of the “30 years of Amazon” element, the story that circulates online is just like a false news denied by Boatos.org in December. At the time, we explained that it was a scam that aimed only to steal data. Remember what we wrote:

Regardless of the subterfuge presented on the site (the so-called luck), the fact is that, even if you follow all the steps, nothing wins in the end. Even if you share the link in question, you end up being directed to a heavy website that will cause your phone to crash.

It is important to mention that, when searching for information about Amazon’s “wheel of fortune”, we found nothing. We found only alerts pointing out that this is a scam. In 2017, the company Malwarebytes pointed out that the fake Amazon page even tried to make the user download a program of the most suspicious.

Just to finish: the message is so false that Amazon is not even turning 30 in 2021. In reality, the company was founded in 1994. In other words, this year it will be 27 years old. And, obviously, as in other cases, there is nothing about such a celebration on the official pages of the company.

In short: the story that points out that Amazon is giving away free gifts in “celebration of the 30th anniversary” is false. It is just another fake offer that uses the name of the company for the purpose of stealing data from Internet users.

This is an english version from this text. If you would like to read in portuguese, click here.

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